Cats often get a reputation for being moody or not as social as other animals. While it is true that cats can be quite independent, anyone who has a cat knows these animals have a lot of love to give. If you are trying to come up with ideas for making your cat happier, we’ve got five that you can count on to work great:

1. Create a View

Cats are very curious animals, which means they enjoy being able to look around their surroundings and keep an eye on anything that catches their attention. For about $25, you can purchase and easily install a window perch for your cat. By making this addition to your home, your cat will get a lot of enjoyment out of watching birds and other interesting things around your neighborhood.

2. Upgrade Your Cat’s Water

Water plays a very important role in helping cats enjoy great health and feel their best. But even when you keep a cat’s bowl full of water, there are plenty who fail to drink enough. This is where a cat fountain can help. Since cats are attracted to running water, using this type of apparatus is a great way to optimize your pet’s water consumption and overall health.

3. Go Higher

Cats love having a position which allows them to survey their surroundings. In addition to using a window perch to provide your cat with an outdoor view, creating an indoor climbing space for your cat will engage its natural. There are many options and accessories for giving cats vertical space, so you’ll be able to find one that’s a perfect fit for your home.

4. Provide Great Food

Cat food affects everything from how a cat feels on a daily basis to its overall health. Because cat food has such a big impact, choosing fresh, nutritious food will help your cat look and feel great.

5. Introduce New Toys

There’s no question that cats like to play. Since cats like different types of stimulation, make a point of periodically introducing new toys to your cat to prevent your cat from getting bored. You and your cat can both be excited about playtime.

By creating a view, upgrading your cat’s water, going higher, providing great food and introducing new toys, you can help your cat feel very happy and ensure it enjoys life to the fullest!

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